Relationship Support Tool for New Parents

Are sleepless nights and fretful days caring for your newborn putting strain on your relationship? Select a problem and we'll find some useful content for you

We're not as close as we used to be

Five ways to protect your relationship after having a baby

When two become three the relationship with your partner often takes a back seat. With less time and energy for each other it’s normal you’ll feel less close. Here are some suggestions for ways to protect your relationship and prepare for difficult times.

Surviving the 'babyquake'

The birth of a new baby is a time of change. The normal pattern of your life, your usual ways of communicating and working out who does what are disrupted. Holding on to the more positive things in your relationship can help you stay on track and avoid crisis.

How to stay connected with your partner

Welcoming a new arrival is a really exciting – and extremely busy – time. It’s inevitable you’ll have less time to focus on each other. But there can be room in your life for a baby and a healthy relationship.

Hand holding a white flag

Five suggestions to help you build a good couple relationship

For new parents, baby, work life, home life, 'us' time and 'me' time are in constant competition. You might find yourself struggling to fit everything in and end up neglecting each other. Here are five suggestions to help your relationship stay strong.